Professional Marijuana Trimmer Machines

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Professional Marijuana Trimmer Machines

Trimming your marijuana buds by hand only is a long and tedious work which is why people came to an idea to invent machines that would do that kind of work for you. Since the first bud or marijuana trimmer, there were many machines for that kind of work, but most of them failed to do the job properly (they ruined the buds or in some cases the whole plant). So, if you are going to buy a marijuana trimmer then you have two high-quality options, Wander Trimmer, and Shearline.

Wander trimmer is the least expensive high-quality bud trimmer and it costs only around 1500 dollars. This neat little device will save you around 75 percent of work and it will not damage the buds or leaves. If you trim your plant with this machine you will be able to hang-dry it without any problems.

This trimmer has two setting, leaf trimming, and bud trimming. Both of these work through a vacuum, but what type of trimming you want depends on the settings.

If you want to trim the leaves you can simply set the machine to trim them and they will be processes for easier use. After that, you just change the setting and trim the buds which won’t be processed.
This machine comes with three important setting you will have to manage to depend on the type of trimming and the size of the plant. First, there is the placement of the cutting slot. It is very precise and it doesn’t “nick” the flowers. Suction control is also the very important setting .If your plant is smaller then you must reduce the suction power in order to avoid damage to both leaves and buds. The third setting is the speed of the blade. For the optimal results, you should use medium speed, but you can also experiment with other speed settings.

Shearline™ 2.0 is rather expensive (10 thousand dollars) leaf and bud trimmer, but if you want the quality of the trimmed leaves and flowers and you have enough money then you should pick this technology wonder.
Shearline™ 2.0 can trim both dry and wet plant as it works with the symbiosis or rotor and vortex technologies. It has a triple filtration system that separates your leaf for further processing. The yield that this machine provides is much greater than your normal hand trimming yield.

This machine works really simply. The product goes from the top and enters the grate with cutting blade beneath which is the fan. Fan blade produces air vortex and serves as suction as well. The vortex that is created pushes the product along the grate with the aid of silicon rotor fingers. Once your leaves go through the grate they go into the trimming section after which they go through the filtration system. This creates a top quality product with little or none of the work.

SO no matter what kind of farm you have, you can buy a trimmer that will serve you. For people that have a plant or two, smaller trimmer will do, but those that want high-quality product may as well buy 10k Shearline.

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